Susi Hyldgaard
CD 9148-2 

Michel Godard / Dave Bargeron

Michel Godard (tu, serpent); Dave Bargeron - (tu, sackbut) ;
Luciano Biondini (acc); Kenwood Dennard - (dr);

1. Owww (Dave Bargeron) 4:35 2. Passamezzo (Michel Godard ) 5:10 3. Sweet Georgia Brown 4:55 4. Choro Loco (Luciano Biondini) 4:14 5. Clara C (Bargeron) 4:57 6. Pultaney Bridge (Bargeron) 6:50 7. Murmure (Godard) 5:07 8. Old Town (Bargeron) 2:36 9. Chiacona intro 3:00 10. Chiancona (Godard) 4:03 11. G-Dance (Bargeron) 6:04 12. Kardamone (Godard) 4:58 13. 45th (Bargeron)


Godard and Bargeron met for the first time in 2000 in a band formed by Rabih Abou-Khalil for his "Cactus Of Knowledge" production (CD enja 9401). The two got on like a house on fire right from the start, and they decided spontaneously to set up "Tuba Tuba". They brought in drummer Kennwood Dennard, an old friend of Dave Bargeron, who had previously played with such great jazz names as Charles Mingus, Chick Corea, Maceo Parker and Quincy Jones. The second European was the Accordion Virtuoso Luciano Biondini, who played with Michel in Rabih Abou Khalil's band.

TubaTuba is one of those rare jazz formations in which two soloists have dedicated themselves to the same instrument, discovering surprising synergies during playing. When the two play together, the result is a power pack of virtuosity and wit, whether live or on a recording.

From 1970 to 1978 Dave Bargeron belonged to the horn section of the Jazz/Rock/Latin-legend "Blood, Sweat & Tears". In the 80s, Dave played with the "Word of Mouth Big Band" of bass player Jaco Pastorius, the "Gil Evans Orchestra", with Gerry Mulligan, Pat Metheny and with the tuba sextet "Gravity". Even today he is a member of the George Russell "Living Time Orchestra", George Gruntz "Concert Jazz Band" and, incidentally, one of the most sought after studio musicians in New York. His jazz affinity did not prevent Bargeron from putting his stamp on Paul Simon's seminal album "Graceland". Eric Clapton and Mick Jagger, who he made albums with, are among the admirers of his tuba, trombone and euphonium playing. These days he has also mastered the sackbut, the mother of the trombone.

Michel Godard underwent a completely different development through classical training. Born in 1960 in Belfort, eastern France, Godard was admitted at the tender age of 18 to the Philharmonic Orchestra of Radio-France although he had started on the trumpet at the age of 13 and did not start playing tuba (and later also the Serpent) until he was 17. Soon afterwards he joined the National Orchestra of France, "Ensemble Musique Vivante", "Ensemble Jacques Moderne",and "La Venice Baroque Ensemble", "Arban Chamber Brass Quintet" .Little wonder that, with recourse to such a fund of experience, he gives international master classes, and has been discovered by European jazz as well as by the avant garde.

Dave Bargeron: "What we have in common is our love for the tuba. Musically speaking, I much prefer new jazz compositions, whereas Michel loves music and arrangements that go back as far as the renaissance." Michel Godard adds: "The exciting thing about us is the different way we play the tuba, giving the audience a chance to compare the French and the American school on stage and get to know two facets of working on our instrument. We can demonstrate to the audience how different two people's improvisation can sound on the same instrument. And that's got to be interesting!"

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